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365cent as a group in which was founded in 20th,July,2010 with youth who love innovation,design,adventures achieved significant accomplishments in cyber security and vision field.365cent has already provided services for 16,000,accepted more than 200000 visiters a year in 2016,reached the volume of $50000,gradually build a network of data centers in Hong Kong,Seattle,Quebec,and Moscow,provide quality service for sever users and submit the customers high quality design work.

365cent includes many element
variations to showcase your content.

Server operation,Website design,App development,Network security,Visual design

Clear Documentation

Both Variant and Pivot come with clear concise docs written in plain English.

Support Forum Access

In the rare event that you run into a problem-we're there to help out.

Socially Aware

We've built working Twitter and Instagram feeds in to inject your new site with social flare.

Variant Builder

Our real-time HTML builder is a joy to use.Create your next site in the comfort of your browser!

365cent+customized service release,build personalized function

In addition to the powerful platform function,365cent has launched a customized service for the first time to ensure the perfect fulfillment of customer demand with the project service system

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  • 网站设计很好,界面更是创新,是我喜欢的风格,希望站长继续努力哦!

  • 页面做的不错哟

  • 不错的科技新闻综合站,内容原创,版面清晰。资讯整合也十分完善

  • “互联网+创新牵引力”闪耀合肥市中小学电脑制作大赛

  • 随着“互联网+”的理念渗入社会各个领域。“大众创业,万众创新”的理念深入人心,企业和个人都在创新,变革中获得了新的生机。毋庸置疑,创新、创造是社会发展过程中最强劲的驱动力,伟大的变革,往往来源于小小的创想。


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